Indonesia - September 2017

Indonesia - a healthy model of "Go Power" 

I love Susan's and my visits with our friends in Manado, Indonesia!

Pastors Marlon and Grace, who give leadership to Life Center Indonesian Church, under the covering of Northside Church, have been partners in ministry for several years now. Through them we were introduced to the quickly multiplying "Pentecostal Church of Indonesia" who have come under the umbrella of the Foursquare Church International. They now have 20,000 churches and are expanding as you read this. 

While in Manado, Pastor Yvonne Awuy and her team arranged for me to teach the 160 students and 100+ pastors about "The Most Important Thing - The Kingdom of God" in an exhilarating conference at their Bible College. Susan and I also had the privilege of speaking at their mother church on Sunday as well as other venues. A delicious Indonesian spread of food follows every service - we gained far more than we gave!


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