Uganda - May 2018

Uganda Report May 2018

From May 4 to 11 I was in the village of Kakoro Uganda (that’s an 8 hour drive from Kampala) with Pastors Silvest and Evelyn Kasirivu, to teach in their first Pastor’s Retreat. Their church was sponsored by Ray and Linda Noah of Petros Network and has grown to 900 adherents.  

Over these past four years they’ve planted several more churches in the surrounding villages. There were about 150 pastors and leaders at the Conference. 

I love Uganda Christians. Although they live in what we would call poverty, on about $30 per family a month, they love to sing and dance in worship. I could listen to the rhythms of their music for hours and feel more refreshed than when I began.  

I taught on my new book “Serendipities of the Pastorate”, which Silvest was able to translate and publish before I arrived. We were delighted to give a copy to each participant as a gift from Northside. This, besides their tattered Bible, might be the only  book in the pastor’s library. 

After speaking at their Sunday service, I was given the platform every day through Thursday to teach pastoral leadership. They were such a responsive group of students, hungry for more of God’s Word. We were also happy to provide meals for the pastors, as they had sacrificed dearly just to be there at the Retreat. 

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I have many papers on my table in a language you cannot understand, one man wrote this..."the coming of Barry, helped me and my Church to understand real ministry: among the many things I learnt for the first time is gift pain, and the difference between sin and sinners! God hate sin but the people who are sin He loves!...the story is long but at the end he says, in only seven days, 24 people he went and apologized to for having offending them all in his village, all came to church to thank him publicly...and they confessed to Christ.

This is my point, do you see how bad this man has been for all those years, and I personally had not known about this man's heart, we were friends and I used to pray for him for a break through not knowing what was behind his heart...we thank God you came.

During your ministry and in the very small time we were sharing heart to heart with you and Brother Dave, God gave me a challenge and that is HOW TO ENGAGE THE NEXT GENERATION..."passing on the Burton" you mentioned this very many times....this is a very big problem with our churches...youth participation. Pastors who know me and my ministry always give a credit for being the best in the area when it cones to handling youths, but myself I think I haven't done anything yet. My desire is to have a lesson around that Topic with my teams very soon.

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Barry Buzza