The Red Thread Series (3 Books)

The Red Thread Series (3 Books)


The Read Thread Series
$30 for 3 volume set with Study Guide.

Pastor Barry has taught Northside Church through the entire Bible over a dozen times. On one of their year long journeys, he wrote these three volumes which are divided into 52 chapters, one for every week of the year. Each chapter contains a Bible passage to read and an overview and explanation of the section read that week. It also has a prayer, a verse to memorize and a story which applies the week's lesson to every day life. Good when used as a  Bible Study for a small group or with the whole church.

Red Thread Study Guide - Free with Red Thread Trilogy
The Study Guide has questions and discussion guides for each of the 52 chapters in the Red Thread Trilogy. For use in generating Small Group discussion. Price includes postage.

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